How and when to use our products are questions often asked.
This might be answered best by comparing the transportation of your product with drinking coffee.
Depending on the situation, the way you drink your coffee can be quite different.

When at home or in a restaurant coffee is often “transported” in a mug or porcelain cup
when  finished the cup needs to be returned and cleaned before it can be re-used
This works perfectly when you have the time, space and the means to do so.

But what if you need to move a lot of coffee in a small space, or when your customer keeps your coffee carrier?
This situation requires a different approach;
Than you can use a plastic or paper container so you can transport your coffee faster,
more efficient, easier and anywhere you want without the need of wanting it back.

So both examples carry the product but depending on your situation you choose the most suitable transportation device

Evinco provides the paper carry solutions

When used correctly it is
Fast, easy, light in weight, flexible, a 100% recyclable and no return needed!

We hope this comparison has cleared things up a bit
If not, please contact us for we would like to
explain this to you in further detail,

over a cup of coffee if you like!