Pallet Box

our standard pallet can also be provided with a tray.
and due to its popularity  it has become a product on its own.
along with this pallets we provide different sizes of sleeves which makes it possible to vary your pallet in height depending on the volume you need.
so you never ship empty space. Besides its general benefits like light weight, easy recycling and flexibility is has some other advantages like

Easy picking
When preparing a shipment you don’t have to set up a box and place your (heavy) products inside it.
You simply pick your order on the tray then slide over a sleeve depending on the volume you created.
Once the pallet is strapped you will have well protected 100% recyclable shipment to deliver to your customers.

Unlike plastic foil (that can easily be replaced or stretched when opened)
corrugated materials leaves permanent marks when damaged so you can see right away
when a box has been opened. so you can easily check if the shipment has been compromised before accepting it.
This reduces the risk of theft.