sizes and specialties

when it comes to dimensions we are able to create nearly any size.
with our fixed height of 110mm (4,33 inches) we produce our self adhesive e-beams from 200 (7,87 inches) mm to 1200 mm. (47,24 inches).
as for a complete pallet (with deck) our standardisation is to 800 x 600mm. ( 31,5 x 23,62 inches)
when necessary it is possible to change dimensions and create a what we call specialty.
Depending on volumes and requests we are able to design a pallet specifically for your products

easy to use

When handling large shipments our corrugated pallets are very comfortable to work with.
Due to it's light weighted structure it takes minimum effort to handle them . Together with it's smooth surface it reduces the risk of hand and back injuries. By creating a pallet on the spot
you can reduce internal traffic by 70%. please contact us so we can explain these and all other benefits

100% recyclable

all our pallets are 100% paper made and contain no environmentally damaging components.

low in weight

one other benefit is that our pallets are super light. This aspect makes it very suitable when saving on transportation costs

HACCP approved

all our pallets are new, free of splinters, nails, bugs, funguses. this makes it ideal to use in dust free areas that require hi hygienic terms.

high quality pallets

All our pallets are designed to carry their load in the most efficient way. which means the have a high top down resistance. When used correctly each single tube can handle a static load of 400 kg